Pure Vibe Sundays ft. Sunshine Brothers
Pure Vibe Sundays ft. Sunshine Brothers
Cool Perth Nights presents

Pure Vibe Sundays ft. Sunshine Brothers

Rosemount Hotel Backyard | Doors 1-7pm | FREE entry
Rosemount Hotel (North Perth, WA)
Sunday, 23 February 2020 1:00 pm
2 days away
18 Plus
Rosemount Hotel Backyard is a place of pleasure, get down this Sunday for the PURE VIBE experience. The atmosphere is all welcoming and in this sense the vibrations are all encompassing and of great purity. Expect good time record collecting men and women to guide you through the tropical, soul, reggae, funk, disco side of their rare LPs and 45s on the turntables AND there will be a heavy drizzling of live acts added to taste to keep the vibes high for a PURE VIBE - guaranteed. It's all about the vibe and the vibe is pure. This week featuring The Sunshine Brothers and DJ Charlie Bucket. PURE VIBE 1pm - 7pm each Sunday, Rosemount Hotel Backyard.

$10 Daquiris
$5 Mimosas
$15 Bun Cha Bowls (our new Vietnamese special!)

No entry fee | DJs | Live acts.