Music Rocks Australia, Rapattoni and Silverado presents

Music Rocks the Newport

Saturday 09 December 2017 to Sunday 10 December 2017 (opening (Sat) S1 Doors 10.45am (11.00am start), S2 Doors 12.50pm (1.05pm start), S3 Doors 2.55pm (3.10pm start), (Sun) S4 Doors 10.45am (11.00am start), S5 Doors 12.50pm (1.05pm start), S6 Doors 2.55pm (3.10pm start))

at The Newport Hotel ( venue info )
2 South Tce, Fremantle WA

**All Ages** Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

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Adult $21.15
Child $16.05

Over two big days, 6 sessions and more than 12 hours of music, Perth’s most talented and inspiring musicians will hit the stage at the Newport Hotel in Fremantle to bring an amazing 2017 MRA program to a close. From showcasing the most elite musicians in All-star bands to so many kids performing for the first time in their lives, performing the songs of their choice as a part of the unique Music Rocks Australia ensemble program. From the dreams in their heads, to live performance in as little as 6 weeks/hours tuition, children of all abilities are smashing the concepts for what is possible in music and music education. The locally grown success story that is taking on the world is changing lives right here in Perth, Western Australia!
Performances by children and adults being supported by SMP Life2Skills, Workpower, Intelife, Diversity South, Autism West, Therapy Focus, the Department of Child Protection, numerous Education Support Centres. Primary and High Schools and other valuable community organizations highlight the gift of music. ‘Sunshine moments’ that no one will ever forget will occur when loved ones live out their musical dreams on stage under the lights and haze – this is what dreams are made of!
The Session allocations are as follows in alphabetic order and not in concert order:

Saturday 9th of December

Session 1 (Entry 10.45am, 11.00am Start)
Beau Wheatley
Blue Door Band – Strahan, Alty, Cramp, Donnison, Hyne
Castlereagh School
Dylan Thompson
Lathlain Primary School
Melville Primary School
Pulse – Rapanaro, Churchman, Cramp
Ryan Thomas
SMP Life2Skills

Session 2 (Entry 12.50pm, 1.05pm Start)
Beaumaris Primary School
Jack Harrison
Joondalup Education Support Centre
Newman College
Queen of Apostles School
Screaming Captain Jefferson – Muhlisic, Slabbert
Berry, Harrison
Tuesday All-stars 2 - McGrath, Hart, Martin, Gilks
Shannon Coffey

Session 3 (Entry 2.55pm, 3.10pm Start)
Arbor Grove Primary School
Alessia Saraceni
Beldon Education Support Centre
Caitlyn Benson
Dianella Education Support Centre
Good Shepherd Catholic School
Kieran Wouk
Superband – Psaila, Wouk, Raffaele, Hordov, Sobey, Nguyen
The Crackin’ – Cable, Pierre, Hendrawan, Blanchard
Tuesday Allstars 1 – Psaila, Palumbo

Sunday 10th of December

Session 4 (Entry 10.45am, 11.00am Start)
Amelia Dainton
David Ranalli
Hillcrest Primary School
Intelife Rockingham
Koda Dailey
Mazenod College & ‘Placenta’
Morley Senior High School
Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre

Session 5 (Entry 12.50pm, 1.05pm Start)
Armadale Education Support Centre
Bayswater Primary School
Carnaby Rise Primary School
Ian Le Sueur
Intelife Gosnells
Joe Hanscomb
Mary MacKillop CC Primary School
Thursday All-stars 2 – Chitty, Le Sueur, McMorrow
Undertow – Brown, Miltrup, Sutton
Zavier Neale

Session 6 (Entry 2.55pm, 3.10pm Start)
Amy Throssell
Atwell College
Cottesloe Primary School
Canning Vale College
Intelife Joondalup
Liam Dack
Massimo Zurzolo
Monday Allstars – Clayton, Clampett, Papatraicou, Odenko
Taylor Brown
The Rare Kind – Crossman, Gray, Addison, Aqila

This is an all ages event. *Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. * Intoxicated persons will not be admitted * No thongs or steel cap boots * The venue reserves the right to refuse admission to any person *